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The Lifestyle Lifeguard


About Davey

The Who

As a Speaker & Coach, who spent over fifteen years in leadership positions, Davey has fulfilled his passion for people through business, and brought that into his life & business strategies, coaching and speaking. His strategic problem-solving has a reputation of simplicity and accountability.  Utilizing his own life experiences as examples to clients, Davey has a relatable, well communicated charm.  

The power of the message with Davey stems from his utilization of the beach and simple analogies. He believes complicated enables struggle, while simplicity breeds sustainability in the process. 

Davey's true process began over 10 years ago, when created The CSure© Lifestyle, and though it was originally designed for businesses, his ability to combine his life coaching and business consulting created something even more powerful, which has led to the partnerships he has and the bonds with other philanthropic leaders and visionaries.  It is the core of his values and message.  The amazing aspect is the universal applicability and Davey's ability to align his components with those of other leaders to simplify the message and increase value for all parties.

A well-known and successful speaker, Davey utilizes stages to reach people & he embraces audiences and groups in a very unique and empowering way!!!  In hosting events, moderating or being a panelist, he loves helping speakers deliver their messages in the most powerful way possible!!!  

Davey has taken The CSure Lifestyle & that experience and also applied it to the world of golf, which has been a part of his life since childhood.  He believes that there is such synergy between the game of life and that of golf.  Combining the CSure principles with the psychology of golf, he coaches and mentors people of all ages and skillsets, with the goal of simplifying the mentality and aligning the methodology on, and off, the course. 

"A Mentality Plus A Methodology Equal The Lifestyle!"~~~DEWjr

The What

  • The Lifestyle Lifeguard
  • Speaker & Coach 
  • Creator of The CSure Lifestyle
  • Host of The CSure Podcast 
  • Author of "The CSure Lifestyle"
  • Managing Director at The EFA Movement
  •  Golf Psychology Coach/Expert - CSure Golf


The Master of the Message

Simplify the Mentality & Amplify the Methodology!!!

Topics Davey Speaks On

In The Media

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Success Profiles Radio

On this episode of "Success Profiles Radio", Davey discusses the EFA Movement, The CSure Lifestyle & More!!!

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How to Create a Movement

On this episode of "Sustainable Success", Davey discusses how to create a movement, not enabling followers.

Conscious Millionaire

On this episode of "Conscious Millionaire", Davey shares some troubleshooting tips designed to embrace challenges before they become problems!

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