The Prosperneur, At The CSure

DEWjr & Chris Salem


This is a really unique and powerful concept.  The synergy within the work Chris I do is something special, and rare (discussed in detail in the next section).

We take his process, blend that with mine, and we create what we like to call being a "Prosperneur, At The CSure".  You'll learn how to channel your inner champion, with two perspectives designed enhance your experience and take it to another level right from the start.  We'll help you establish a foundation & empower your success, happiness and prosperity to sustain!

Some of the topics we'll cover include:

  • Understanding Wellness (all pillars)
  • A Prosperity Mindset
  • Leadership Techniques & Strategies 
  • Communication Skills, focused on relatability 
  • Attracting Results vs Chasing Them
  • Allowing Money to be a byproduct of your process, not something you chase
  • The Power of Consistency 
  • Mastering Your Mindfulness
  • And so much more!!!

United in Purpose


Chris came into my life many years ago.  Initially, we just met online and had an initial phone conversation.  Neither of us knew we'd be here today in those early moments.

We quickly realized that we had such synergy in our mentality, even though we were doing what we did a bit differently with our methodology.  That was something rare for us, and that's when things changed forever.

Chris embraced me as an equal, but empowered me as a protege.  He helped me internalize what he teaches and I was able to mold it into what was already awesome in The CSure Lifestyle.  

So, we began offering a collaborative coaching opportunity to others.  We can work with individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs and more.  From that foundation, we began our journey with The EFA Movement, a Non-Profit Organization.  We brought our concepts into the Movement, and are creating massive waves in communities,  corporations & classrooms alike, with an emphasis on men of all ages and backgrounds.

If you're looking for found it.

If you're looking for found it.

If you're looking to create true change in your life and found it!

Contact me to learn more about this amazing opportunity!!!