About CSure Golf



  • Learn how to embrace a process, rather than focusing on results or chasing them
  • Understand how important the mental equipment is BEFORE the equipment in your bag
  • Learn how to align golf and life (business too) to achieve sustainable results both on and off the course
  • Understand how the off-course issues are actually making a negative impact on-course (ESPECIALLY if Golf is your "escape"), and vice versa 
  • Learn how to navigate the course mentally and visually, and how to personalize the thought process to your individual needs
  • Learn what being clutch looks like and how to become a master of your craft 
  • Understand how to choose clubs and other equipment from your mindset, not the magazines or websites

Teeing It Up With DEWjr

My Relationship with Golf


Most players go through high school and college and pursue the game from there.  Some go pro, some coach & some go into the business world as they embark on a career.  

My story is a bit different...

I played until the age of 24, and then took almost 15 years off, focusing on my life and career off the course.  Around the age of 38, I began to play a bit again.  At 39, I played more.  I also launched a golf psychology process, which was inspired by my Lifestyle Coaching platform and the beach (my true inspiration).  At 40, I decided to listen to the universe, and am now playing the game on a FT basis, while offering coaching as well.

There is such synergy in golf and life.  In my younger years, I didn't truly understand how to embrace my gifts on the course.  Now, a bit older (slightly wiser), I realize I wasn't meant to understand it then.  I was meant to understand it now, and like my lifestyle and work, all I do with Golf stems from love and gratitude.

Inspiring Others


My ambitions are that my story and path will motivate others, whether in golf or any other aspects of life and business.  I hope people see me and finally see themselves for the amazing and unique gifts that they are.


I feel fulfilled inspiring others to pursue their passion and to embrace their purpose.  We can all tee it up.  We can ALL navigate the fairways.  We can ALL embrace obstacles as opportunities.  

Family Ties


When I was a young boy, my Dad took me to our local course to teach me the game.  At first, we both thought it was a bad idea based on how I struggled.  But, I come from a proud family & one that empowers greatness.  My Dad taught me more in those moments than he thought.  

Then, my grandfather took me under his wing for a bit.  Pop-Pop was an avid golfer, and a good one.  He helped me take what my Dad showed me and applied it in a more finetuned manner.  

The game coming back into my life was a blessing.  But, the greatest blessing is dedicating all I am now to those who paved the way and taught me how to navigate the course of golf and life.