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Prosperity is defined as a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition; good fortune.


What Is The Prosperity Takeover™?

The Prosperity Takeover™ is simply the sum of an equation, a life & business one.  It begins with The CSure (Davey), we add in The Prosperneur™ (Chris), and the two form the concept itself!!!  The idea came about from the collaborative coaching that Davey and Chris do, and they've made the concept into an official process to help people!!!  

"We wanted to fill the void that is so apparent in the personal development and business development fields.  People not moving forward is often finances.  It is an excuse people allow to impede their deserved growth.  We eliminated that FOR people.  Whatever the level of comfortability is, we can work with it!"~~~DEWjr

"Sustainable Success is a process.  Resolve the root cause of limited beliefs and begin operating from within solutions, rather than wihin the problem."~~~CRS

Simplicity is the name of the game!  If people are able to embrace a simplified mentality, they can then self-empower an amplified methodology, creating the lifestyle they seek and deserve.  As you navigate the website, that should be apparent!  

If you are ready to embrace adopting new habits, adapting a sustainable process to empower and create results, rather than chasing them, Davey and Chris are ready to embrace the opportunity to help you channel it!

The Co-Founders of This Movement and Concept

Davey Williams, America's CSurepreneur™


Creator & Co-Founder of The Prosperity Takeover™

Chris Salem, America's Prosperneur™


Partner & Co-Founder Of The Prosperity Takeover™

More About This Unique Collaborative Coaching Platform...

What This Is

This concept originated with Davey & Chris Salem putting a collaborative coaching platform into action.  That was the seed.  Now, it spans through many alliances as a rooted tree simply branching out to make an even greater impact.  We are about solutions, but we have to eliminate operating from within the problem.  We'll help you resolve the root cause to your limited beliefs, and will empower a process of sustainable success, prosperity and happiness!!!

What This Is Not

No fluff here with this philosophy at all.  We are straight to the point, sincere, transparent, compassionate & empowering, in every facet of this movement.  There is no "pie in the sky" or "upsells".  There is just straight results, empowered by a simple process.  

We don't enable the "Fake It Until You Make It" Mentality.  We DO empower the "Make It So You Don't Have To Fake It" mentality, which reflects in your methodology!!!

Who This Is For

This concept is for the areas of:

  • Personal & Professional Development
  • Sales & Networking Solutions
  • Health & Wellness
  • Business Owners & C-Level Officers
  • Leadership Development
  • Sports Organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • ANYONE ready to embrace adopting a mentality to adapt a methodology, built for sustainable success, prosperity and happiness!!!

Why This Concept Exists

In today's society, it is a rare thing to find true and transparent leaders that are so aligned in passion and purpose, a movement is a byproduct of that bond.  Davey wanted to truly offer an ocean of opportunity for any and everyone and businesses as well, and so through the original thought process, has been able to align these amazing leaders and gifted human beings together as a powerful fleet of ships, all sailing their own ships, but riding the tide of solutions together!!!

The Breakdown

On the "About Us" page, you will find more information on all of the Co-Founders and Prosperity Partners as well.  Within that breakdown are the areas that we are collectively able to make impacts in, truly empowering this collaborative awesomeness to lead to residual really is the Total Prosperity Takeover!!!  Everyone is here to serve, and we have solutions to meet many needs, in both life and business!!

Results That Can Be Anticipated

In Life:

  • Increased Awareness & Acceptance
  • A Healthier & Happier Self & Home
  • Better Control Over Your Process and Results
  • A Simplified Mentality Empowers An Amplified Methodology...Be More Efficient
  • Embracing a Process To Create, Empower & Sustain Results

In Business:

  • Increased Efficiency & Sustainable Results
  • Healthier Environment for All Employees and Employers Alike
  • Increased Production
  • Less Turnover, as Everyone Is Empowered To Focus Where Their Gifts Are Best Channeled
  • Higher Office Moral
  • What Happens In The Office Will Follow Suit at Home Too

"Everyone has their own ship to sail, yet we can all ride the tide together!"~~~DEWjr


Takeover Your Mindset Mastery and Prosperity

The Total Prosperity Takeover Is Our Unique & Impactful Collaborative Mindset Mastery Coaching...

5 Steps Aligned with 5 Core Components to Financial Independence, Self-Mastery & Optimal Wellness...

This program has transformed Chris's life and of those he works with to implement it into their stories of success and prosperity.

Resolving the root cause begins the healing, opens up new opportunities and makes you feel better almost instantly.

Then we continue to build in the infrastructure needed to sustain the changes created by resolving the root cause.

This program takes you through the 7 steps Chris has used time and again to achieve his own breakthroughs and those of others.

BUT...We take it up a notch here at The Prosperity Takeover!!!  We know that Chris was Davey's mentor, so he has empowered Davey to embrace this process, while allowing him to put his spin and philosophy on it, hence one of the cornerstones of this concept!!!  

So, Chris's Seven Steps are intertwined with Davey's Core Components, and the two form the power of the collaborative coaching platform we utilize!!!  

You will receive a 60 Minute Deep Dive with both coaches to assess where your particular limited beliefs are rooted from, AND we'll put a process of sustainable happiness, prosperity and success together!!!  After that first month, you'll have access to our monthly group sessions.

So, as you can see, this is a true lifestyle takeover.  We simplify it.  Change is part of the process, but it is a byproduct.  We'll help you embrace and adopt a mentality so that you're empowered to adapt the best methodology to create and sustain your prosperity takeover!!!  Accountability begins with the Assessment.  Then, it's about awareness and acceptance, and that begins with the coaching session.  From there, it is a matter of choice for where you take your awesomeness!!!

What You'll Receive

  • Awareness Assessment to complete
  • Initial Strategy Call of 60-90 Minutes with Davey and Chris to do a true Deep Dive Session, individualized for you personally
  • A copy of Chris's International Best Selling Book, “Master Your Inner Critic"
  • PDF of Davey's CSure Document
  • Access to Our Group Sessions, held twice monthly
  • A 15-20 Minute Power Session with Davey (Chris too when available)


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What REALLY Sets This Concept Apart From The Masses...

The Common Problems



  • Geared generally to an audience
  • No follow up accountability strategy
  • Inspired in the moment, but not motivated in the overall process
  • Travel expenses for some people is a bit stressful

Online Courses

  • Not enough individualization and attention
  • No tool for accountability & process for success 


  • Many are driven at solving a problem, but not resolving the root cause of the problem
  • Again, inspired in the short term, but not motivated to see the big picture and break it down pragmatically from there


  • This one is more on the consumer end and where accountability is---the TIMING for the program/service matters most for your life and business process, NOT the program/service


  • The main issue here is usually the cost, as many cannot afford the coaching they seek
  • Tough to tell the difference between uncomfortability & being comfortably uncomfortable (yes, there's a difference)

The Simple Solutions


How We Resolve These & Also Sustain Solutions

  • We have eliminated all of the things that don't work within each of these facets of personal/professional development
  • By retaining only the positive aspects, we are able to formulate, create & empower a unique life and business process for anyone and any situation, same with the business side

What This All Looks Like As A Process

  • We do the initial Deep Dive Session with each of the packages we offer, so it is individualized right as we begin your prosperity process
  • Though we utilize the group format after that initial session, that simplifies your time and empowers our ability to still hold that accountability with you through the monthly power sessions with Davey
  • Even if you decide to go the route of the online course, there is a follow up session with Davey and Chris
  • We have this priced accordingly for anyone at any level to embrace taking over their process, empowering sustainable results of success, prosperity and happiness!!!

The Story of How The Prosperity Takeover Came To Be...

By: Davey Williams

A few years ago, I connected with Chris on social media.  What started as a simple connection transformed itself into something amazing, which is where we are nowadays.  This is how I went from being a protege', to a brother, to a partner and one of the strongest bonds you'll ever see.

Chris is, without a doubt, one of the most authentic, transparent, empathetic and empowering people I will EVER be blessed to know.  His brilliance is only trumped by his love and inspirational core.  I was drawn to that from the beginning.  He seemed to be drawn to my energy in the same facet.  We realized quickly that we were very much in alignment with our passion and our purpose.  In the past, I always seemed to be so alike others that wanted to partner on various ventures that we would be stepping on each others' toes.  We were similar, but not necessarily in alignment.

When Chris and I connected, he had an established, successful and thriving business model and process.  It was a beautiful thing to learn about.  I too had The CSure where it needed to be.  We both realized there was true synergy amongst us, from the business side, and in our lives.  In discussing our mentalities, we saw an opportunity to align methodologies.  So, Chris empowered me to master his process, and also gave me the ability to build an even firmer process within myself.  

So, in 2017, we grew into brothers, and so did our work together.  In early 2018, we amped it up a notch and created one of the most dynamic, unique and REAL collaborative coaching concepts you'll ever find.  The collaboration became what we all now know as the Prosperity Takeover.  The process is the ocean of abunant opportunity.  The results achieved are the waves within that ocean.  This partnership is founded upon love, respect, gratitude & a vision to make a lasting impact for this generation, and for those coming.  THAT'S IMPACT.  THAT'S A MOVEMENT.

The power behind our purpose together has brought about the amazing sustainability in solutions, that are part of the EFA Movement, as well as all of the work we do individually and as a team.  We focus on VALUE, not worth.  We focus on the message, not the money.

We are forever united in passion and purpose.  We are proud of what we stand for and I am personally living proof that you deserve to sail your own ship, while being able to ride the tide together in a fleet.  No followers... locked in arms as a following, also known as a said movement, is the only way we know how to roll and THAT is a defining line between empowering and enabling too...


A Note From The Co-Founders of The Prosperity Takeover™

Collaborative Awesomeness Leads To Residual Awesomeness!!!

Ever since Chris and I first spoke to another years ago, we understood that both of us were authentic, transparent and real.  That's a cornerstone of our collaborative coaching.  We've become brothers, not just partners.  Chris mentored me, and I became the protege’.  Things just organically pieced themselves together, and here we are as partners, with a true brotherly and familial core.

The idea behind the Prosperity  Takeover concept was, is and always will be, simple.  After an event we both attended back in March, we realized a few things that really brought it all together for us.  We always knew that there were people who couldn't afford our individual coaching, but we also saw that people were wasting so much of their time and money, and energy, just being inspired.  Inspiration is formed as a mentality.  There needs to be a methodology as well, as the two combined is the equation for a sustainable lifestyle of success, prosperity and happiness!  So, we decided that's where we'd be different.



We will help you resolve the root cause of your limited beliefs with Chris's habits and teaching.  We will keep you aligned and operating from within solutions, rather than problems, with Davey's philosophy & teaching.  The power of the two concepts merging creates a dynamic and unique approach to coaching and leadership!

We inspire you to visualize your beach, your paradise, and your ocean of opportunity.  BUT...we MOTIVATE you to embrace that ocean as a process, and you can then commit to the waves, which represent results.  And, we empower and motivate you to create sustainability & consistency!

We are proud to offer options so that people from any walk of life or business can find the success they deserve.  We are proud to serve.  We are so proud to be doing this together, as well as being together in the EFA Movement!

We look forward to welcoming you to our family...

Davey & Chris

Co-Founders of The Prosperity Takeover