Sharing Shells at The CSure

Communication & Nature Coming Together

The Sharing Shell is exactly what the name implies!  It's a really fun piece of The CSure Lifestyle!  

These shells come equipped with the soundtrack of the seas, that infamous sound of waves at the beach.  It's a reminder to stick to your process and a tool to always bring you back to center!

Another way we utilize the sharing shell is with communication.  Envision being in a conversation with someone else, or multiple people.  He/She who holds the shell speaks while the other party simply listens.  That cycle repeats swith each party having an opportunity to speak, having the ocean there to empower calmness!  

This is a really neat tool for families, organizations and businesses as well!

The SeaShells We Use At The CSure

Tonna Oleria


Size: 5"-7"

Melon Diadema


Size: 4"-7"

Pink Conch, Slit Back


Size: 6"-7"