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Speaking To Empower Sustainable Solutions...

It Is ALWAYS About The Message and The Movement With These Two Amazing Leaders/Speakers!!!

Davey and Chris are two of the most authentic, empowering, gifted and sought after speakers around today.  Both speak individually, but also do collaborative speaking engagements as well.

Much like the coaching, the speaking aspect is a platform these two gifted leaders have mastered, and utilize to spread their message(s), bringing awareness to solution-based processes, resolving the root cause to limited beliefs & eliminating people's operating from within their problems.

Here are some sample topics Chris and Davey speak on:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • Addressing the “Root Cause” – Solving Problems first to Create Sustainable Long-Term Success
  • Personal Branding for Success
  • Wellness and Impact on your Business
  • Family Wellness
  • The Art of Connecting
  • How to be a Trusted Adviser in your Business

In an industry where many times the content shared is aimed to sell something to the audience rather than truly educate or train you, Chris Salem and Davey Williams are dedicated to SERVING value rather than SELLING and work to keep you highly engaged and focused on RESULTS that matter.

"Embrace the process and self create, empower AND sustain your deserved results!"