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The CSure Lifestyle: Your Prosperity Takeover Manual


The CSure© Lifestyle is all about embracing simplicity within your own process. Rather than chasing results, this book will help you empower a process where results will sustain, vs you trying to maintain. 

Through his analogies of the beach, Davey brings a powerful perspective on living life on your own terms. This book will help guide you to better decisions. It will guide you through the alignment of life and business. It is specifically designed to be your guide forever. When you begin to struggle, you pick the book up and redefine your clarity. Davey will walk you through his core components for success, as well as a phenomenal contribution from his mentor, brother & partner, Chris Salem (award-winning & international bestseller, "Master Your Inner Critic").

This Manual style piece will help you simplify your mentality so that you can amplify your methodology to operate from within solutions, rather than problems. If you are READY to truly resolve the root cause to your limited beliefs and are READY for the greatness inside of you to shine bright, this is the foundation that you deserve!!!

This book is also a component within the EFA Movement, a 501c3, that Davey is a partner with and the Managing Director. 

Thanks for the love and support and we look forward to welcoming you to the abundant ocean of opportunity ahead!!!


What The CSure© Lifestyle Is At The Core

By: Davey Williams

Originally, this concept was created as a troubleshooting platform for businesses.  It simplifies the approach and empowers the people within an organization to become the greatest versions of themselves.  If people realize their true purpose, they can channel their energy accordingly.  The CSure© was also designed to bridge the gap between employees and upper level management.  If we can help that level of communication and empower people to be their best, the quality of work goes up, and the level of turnover goes way down!!!

What brought it all full circle was Davey's own life experiences.  It was through loss that he realized the power of gaining.  That's when The CSure© became a lifestyle, not just a philosophy.  He took the ministerial side and combined it with personal and professional.

Now, The CSure© Lifestyle empowers all people to become the greatest versions of themselves.  It helps people and businesses alike, with the mentality of simplicity and accountability.  It is universal in the results it offers, and the amount of things it is truly applicable to as well.

Now that we know a little bit about the mentality, let's talk methodology (applying the mentality)...Whether in life or business, everything begins with clarity.  Without that, there is no commitment, control or consistency.  

No matter the situation in life or business, we will put each of the "C's" into motion.  We base the direction on your specific needs and situation.  Some of the areas we cover are as follows...





Consulting & Coaching


Management & Leadership Development

Network Marketing

So, there are many angles where we can apply the methodology to the mentality.  Davey covers many areas within life and business, as this is a universally applicable concept!!!

The CSurepreneur™, at its core, is truly the concept Davey utilizes merged with that which Chris does.  This is why Davey opens most of his videos with gratitude to Chris and mentions that they're "always living the Propserneur™ Lifestyle, at The CSure©".  

The Core Components

There are five "C's" encompassed within this concept.  They're listed below...






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DEWjr's Story Behind The CSure©

How This Came To Be, From Thought Process To Actual Process...

I grew up outside of Philadelphia, PA until the age of 24, when I moved to Florida.  As children, my brothers and I had the pleasure of spending time in the Summer in Sea Isle City, NJ...aka, the seashore.  As I grew older, I spent even more time there, no matter the season.

I was always fascinated with the simplicity of that lifestyle.  I can always remember the sun rising on the ocean and setting on the bay.  I remember the boardwalks and all the families who spent time together there.  It was an ideal lifestyle for me.  It made me want to be a career lifeguard.

The beaches in Florida are a lot different, yet the simplicity and ambiance are always there.  These moments and times in my life spurred what would become more than just a concept, but an overall lifestyle philosophy.

That's the personal end...Let's look at the professional side and how it all came to be what we all know now!!!

Throughout my career, I spent most of my time towards the top of the totem pole.  I was blessed to have a unique skillset of efficiency and results.

Years ago, I was sitting in my office at one of our travel clubs.  I was staring at a picture of the Jersey shore.  It HIT me.  Words like clarity and commitment were ones I used all the time.  So, I came up with the flow of what the concept would be.

Utilizing my memories and life experiences, I took the beach lifestyle and combined it with a business troubleshooting mindset.  The CSure© was born.  It became the sum of a mindset plus a methodology.

Now, The CSure© Lifestyle has become a movement.  It is a combination of life coaching, business consulting, ministerial practices and, of course, an appreciation for the beach and the ocean.

This concept is designed to empower immediate results, as well as sustainable results for success, prosperity and happiness!!!


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Welcome To CSure Golf

What This Is


CSure Golf is a hybrid, just like the clubs.  We take the lifestyle concept and blend it with the lessons within the game of golf.  Rather than a focus on methodology or equipment to start, we focus on the mentality and allow the rest to align accordingly!

Who This is For


CSure Golf is for anyone looking to improve their performance on and off the course.  Together, we'll adopt a stronger mentality and will then allow the methodology to adapt!  Much like in life and business, what happens off the course affects what happens on it, and vice versa!

How This Works


CSure Golf is simple, as it is derived from the simplicity of the CSure Lifestyle and the beach.  We adopt the CSure mentality and apply the CSure methodology.  The initial part of the process is similiar to that of our coaching.  Potential clients take our Assessment for Life, as well as one to help us assess where you are in your game.  Again, this is about true harmony on the course and off!

Why This Works


One of the things we pride ourselves on within our coaching/speaking is our transparency and "lifeguard" approach.  We won't do the work for you.  This is all about your thought process and your actions.  We will guide you along the way and empower your results to be a byproduct of your self process!



So, Let's Piece it All Together!!!

The CSure Golf Club

-This is our monthly membership that accompanies the Course booklet (see below).  Although the membership is exclusive and private, we record each monthly session for all of our club members!!!

  • Receive a copy of "The CSure Golf Course" booklet, your guide throughout this process
  • Receive The CSure Lifestyle & CSure Golf Assessments to complete and Davey will help individualize this process suited to individual needs (includes an initial 20-30 min session)
  • Receive insight each month with golf related topics that can be applied to life and business (annual, and discounted renewal rate of $147 per year, which also includes a new Assessment)
  • Each month, you will send Davey an update, and any questions that you have will be answered on these calls, without mentioning names (if one has the question, more will need the answer)
  • Club Members have the opportunity for privatized coaching with Davey for a special rate of $20 per session (sessions are 20-40 mins)
  • Club Members also receive a signed copy of Davey's book, "The CSure Lifestyle", co-authored by Chris Salem (Award-Winning & International Best-Selling Author, "Master Your Inner Critic")

The CSure Golf Course

-This booklet is built to help you simplify your mentality and amplify your methodology, both on and off the course.  The CSure Golf Course will help you navigate the fairways of life and the game, as well as how to play from the hazards.  We'll eliminate a lot of the frustrations and implement more solution-driven practices.  Just like the CSure Lifestyle, this is about embracing a process and empowering results o be a byproduct.   

  • Master your mentality from tee off to finishing the 18th
  • Understand how to align mentality and methodology
  • Master how to channel your strokes from the inside out
  • Understand how to visualize accordingly for each shot
  • Learn how to focus on YOU, not the shot or the course
  • Learn simple ways to master your emotions throughout play
  • Learn HOW and WHY to forgive and forego
  • Understand how this impacts your life off the course
  • Master piecing it all together, on and off the course


The CSure Golf Collection

Your Caddy For The Course of Golf & Life


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With this purchase, you receive all the benefits of the CSure Golf Club,  Those include:

  • The CSure Golf Course (booklet)
  • CSure Golf Club Membership & the benefits listed in the section above (annual)
  • Signed copy of "The CSure Lifestyle"
  • Option for additional personal coaching at the special discounted price, also listed above